Our facility houses over thirty milling, lathe, Swiss screw and prototype machines capable of handling material up to 15" in diameter and a work envelope of 24”x 40”x12”. Equipped with a full line of attachments, our machines can perform drilling, boring, reaming, turning, milling, thread milling, threading, cross drilling, broaching, tapping, and screw slotting.

At Peak Manufacturing, we love a challenge. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision machined parts with tolerances down to +/-.0001 in. (+/- .00254 mm). Whether you need large or small-machined parts we are able to fulfill your order. We have the reputation of taking on parts that are too difficult for other companies to manufacture.

Peak Manufacturing's "Lean Manufacturing Methods", Program Management and our MRP II system with Scheduling, Inventory and Production Control Systems enables us to provide our customers with cost efficient, high quality parts delivered on time.

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Peak Manufacturing's milling department is comprised of fifteen vertical and three horizontal machining centers. Having such a large installed equipment base allows us to pick the right machine for the right job and to react quickly to your fast turn requests. Also, very large volumes or very complex parts can be run on two or more machines at the same time, helping us further improve your time-to-market. Our small or medium runs flow through our manufacturing cells quickly due to quick changeovers and other Lean Manufacturing related benefits.

We can machine in four axes and machine parts up to 49.5" along the X axis. Our machining centers are supported with a large stock of tooling and gaging as well as by Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), optical comparators and Brown and Sharpe Tesa/Micro Hites. All of our milling programs are stored on a central server and transmitted via a shop-wide DNC connection system.


At Peak Manufacturing Machine, our turning department is comprised of five CNC and one manual engine lathes capable of turning diameters as small as .25 inches and as large as 15 inches. Over the years, we have invested in the latest technology in an effort to improve quality, cost, and delivery. This means higher quality components at a fair and competitive price with improved turnaround times.

Swiss Turning

Our Swiss Turning department has a well-deserved reputation for reliable delivery of high quality precision machine products based on more than twenty years of experience in supplying products made to exact dimensions, tolerances and specifications. With multi-spindle automatic screw machines, we are a trusted producer of both high and low volume precision machined parts. Whether your need is for an aerospace, medical, defense or commercial application, Peak Manufacturing can meet your needs with our state-of-the-art swiss style turning machines. For your demanding applications, we have extensive experience in machining titanium, Beryllium copper, inkonel and other exotic metals and plastics.

Our Swiss department manager is not just a manufacturing whiz, but his engineering abilities are second to none. We pride ourselves in his proven ability to work directly with your engineering and manufacturing staffs to help make your designs more manufacturable and cost effective. These additional value added services are often provided at no cost to you - another benefit to choosing Peak Manufacturing for all your Swiss style turning needs!

Maximum diameter

1.25 inches / 32 mm

Maximum length

12 inches / 304 mm


Peak Manufacturing specializes in fast turn around prototype machining from various metals and plastics. Our dedicated, highly skilled machinists, together with our ability to work one-on-one with your engineers to optimize your designs set us apart from the competition. We support your rapid prototype development by working directly from your native Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor or other solid model or CAD file. Whether working from a napkin sketch or fully detailed drawings, we will get you what you need in the least amount of time.

Peak Manufacturing - Your solution to time critical project requirements!

Our programmers possess the very latest in computer hardware and software to ensure that your parts are manufactured correctly, quickly and at an affordable cost. We use Surfcam and Mastercam to generate the programs for our machines. We are able to accept a wide variety of file formats from your engineering staff, including IGES, STEP, PDF, Solid Works, PRO-Engineer, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD (dxf or dwg).


Our engineers and programmers specialize in solving technical obstacles that can delay your new product introductions. We will work closely with you to understand your application and the specific needs you have for the components that we manufacture for you. Design for manufacturing is something we truly believe in and, if there are opportunities to reduce your cost or reduce time-to-market risk by changing some elements of the component, we will present those alternatives for your consideration. We are able to do this because of the decades of experience that our engineering staff will bring to your project.

All new machined parts and part revisions start and remain under engineering control until the parts have completed a rigorous sign-off procedure. For repeat manufacturing runs, our engineering staff strives to continuously improve all facets of our manufacturing process in order to reduce your cost and shorten your leadtime.

Our programmers possess the very latest in computer hardware and software to ensure that your parts are manufactured correctly, quickly and at an affordable cost. We use Surfcam and Mastercam to generate the programs for our machines. We are able to accept a wide variety of file formats from your engineering staff, including IGES, STEP, PDF, Solid Works, PRO-Engineer, Unigraphics, and AutoCAD (dxf or dwg).


We realize that in a highly competitive and fast changing environment, our customer's seek out partners who offer them a broad range of services to eliminate the administrative and technical burdens associated with managing a large supplier base. Peak Manufacturing can help you reduce some of this burden by not only machining your components but also assembling them for you. We have several years of experience with assembly of large steel frames, and developed a kitting and inventory system that reduced our assembly leadtime from days to hours.

As a systems integrator, Peak Manufacturing offers a wide variety of assembly services for our customer by integrating the following:

  • Outside Processes
  • Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Components
  • In-house Manufacturing

This flexibility allows our customers to order individual piece parts or to order a complete finished assembly. Our high quality program management provides customers with the best of outsourced and in-house manufacturing processes and BOM hardware.

Let us show you how we can help you become more efficient and cost effective by outsourcing your assembly needs to Peak Manufacturing.


Peak Manufacturing performs MIG welding and TIG welding using Miller arc welding equipment. We weld aluminum as well as steels and we can design and manufacture the jigs and fixtures needed to yield a precision welded product. We offer welding services for both high and low volume work.

We provide structural and sheet metal welding services by certified welding professionals with decades of experience providing precision welding of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and many other ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Our MIG and TIG welding expertise assures better penetration, better finishing out of the weld, and finer looking weldments





Nickel Alloys


Stainless Steel




We have the ability to weld these materials in the thickness range of .010 to 1.00 inch and thicker.

Plating & Outside Services

At Peak Manufacturing, we focus on our core competencies. For those outside processes that are required for your products, we have developed solid partnerships with a select few ISO and NADCAP accredited companies to ensure that we obtain the best finishes or craftsmanship on your parts. We recognize that a poor finish or outside work applied to a meticulously machined part not only damages our components but also our reputation with our customers. Before sending out components, we require that all our subcontractors demonstrate the same commitment and investment in quality as we do. To demonstrate compliance, we required full documentation and traceability via Certificates of Conformity for every component that we have finished.

Our Quality Assurance personnel rigorously monitor the quality of all subcontracted processes to ensure that our high quality standards are being met by all our suppliers and vendors. Through plant visits and our robust vendor defective material corrective action process, Peak Manufacturing ensures that our subcontractors are continually improving and addressing any quality issues which may arise.

We only partner with those companies that share our quality values and consistently demonstrate that they are worthy of our work and trust!


All Plating Types

Laser Engraving


High Purity Welding



Heat Treating

Silk Screening